olivia sky

olivia sky

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Paige and Alaina

Dear Paige and Alaina,
We wanted to tell you how much fun we had with you while you came over!

Olivia USUALLY NEVER does puzzles.
Only with Alaina, and only when we're blizzarded inside.

Kind of fun to cozy up in jammies.

Alaina and Paige were built-in babysitters and Simon loved the attention.

This photo was triggered by a selfie which was sent from Cancun from YOUR parents on the beach-to which Olivia yelled-"No Fair!" (Just because it's like a blizzardy 15 degrees here.)

Sooo...some of the cousins opted for swimwear, sunglasses, and moon sand to stage a beach.
We pretended like we were at the beach and I think Olivia really thought she was at a beach.

Cate knew she wasn't at the beach, but couldn't have been happier...
she LOVES being with her cousins.

We made the most of being stuck inside...

America's Got Talent, here we come...

And finally, we got OUT!  To the library.

Bass Pro, snacks all around.

And Alaina picked the bottle caps candy, with the wax tops you bite off.  
I didn't know they still made those.

Then we saw your uncle Matt and Olivia goes "That guy looks JUST like Uncle Mark!"

 We are so thankful we got to have you for a few days!
Next time we'll get your parents to take us on a trip with them...Oh yeah, it will be Florida!
It will be more like nana and papa taking us all on a trip with them...With the whole V family, can't wait:)

Uncle James, Aunt Jenna, Olivia, Cate 
(and Simon)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Pajama days in heaven

Dear Olivia,
This has been my favorite age for you.  
6 has been great because you're developing that silly humor and growing in Christ at the same time.

You decided you would demonstrate a Cambodian dance to your homeschool group.  
At home, you practiced and you were VERY into it.  

The presentation:
First, you showed the group where Cambodia is on the globe.
And then...no dance.
"Mom, you dance."
umm, no.  
It was a very short presentation.  

"Best. Day. Ever."

"Who tooted?"
Olivia: "I followed the smell and it was YOU."

Olivia: teacher
monkeys:  students
Cate: annoying little sister that messes up everything

"Will there be pajama days in heaven?"

Altoona Pediatric office let you dress up as a dentist.   
Although you don't want to be a dentist.  
You only want to do chores and make enough money for an American girl doll, 
and then never work again.

Paige's potato chip was abnormally large and picture-worthy.

The Manipulator.
We secretly call you that because you're discovering the art of manipulation. 
You suddenly developed a cough that was so hoarse, you were unable to practice piano.  
The cough magically disappeared when I said "kids with coughs can't have ice cream."

Your sweet friend, Sierra.  


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

This. Is why I blog :)

Dear Olivia,

Monday, November 15, 2015 morning started with our Bible story and verse:

"Dear God, thank you that I am precious to You. Thank you that Jesus died on the cross.  
Please forgive my sins and throw them in the trash."

You wanted to take a picture so everyone would know you are a christian now.  

"I'm going to heaven.  I'm going to heaven FOREVER.  I'm going to heaven forever CATE!"

"Maybe we should go to Monkey Joe's so I can tell people how to be a christian."

Time for new glasses!  We steered you in a different direction...




Auntie, Amelia

Amelia, Isabelle


aunt Amber


Camp friends

After I snuck pureed squash into the mac and cheese:  
"This tastes like lemons on a cucumber.  And I don't like lemons."
5 minutes later:  "It's like eating concrete."
..."Wait a minute...is this SQUASH?"

A little too short...

Watching papa race a sprint car

vbs-wow, this was a while ago!

my little entrapeneur-trying to sell your balls to Cate and me.

fighting your naps...sometimes the nap wins.

"heaven is funner than adventureland, right mom?"

Walking into Menards:  "It smells like fruit snacks in here."
Walking into Aldis:  "It smells like grandma and grandpa in here."
Walking into Sunday school: "I'll only come in if there are fruit snacks."

Even though technically I'm YOUR homeschool teacher, I am learning so much from YOU!
air hugs,

Thursday, April 23, 2015

my thoughts on Olympics...

Dear Olivia,

Your favorite question to ask people is "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  
(Even if we're already grown-ups).
You love making sick people feel better and talking about birthday parties.  
Which means when you grow up, you'll either be a doctor or a party-planner.

We spent Thanksgiving with your cousins...we missed Alaina because she was sick:(  
There was a play, performance, lots of singing and giggling, in matching jammies from nana and papa.
(Note the striking resemblance between Cate and Isabelle)

You had lots of questions for great grandpa Hal about his dog Gracey, and you chatted for a pretty long time.  About Gracey.  And Snoop.  And all dogs.

Christmas morning you got a dollhouse from Goodwill, but refurbished.  

And your birthday.  Party. 
It ended with a little girl puking on the front door rug as she was leaving.  
All in all, fun!

Altoona fun days, you look so grown up

Gymnastics; you only did what you wanted to do.  
Nothing more, nothing less.  
Olympic gymnastics not so much in your future.

Animal Parade.  Don't ask me how purse got in it.

Emily is more responsible than both of us sometimes- she cleans up after you and reminds me to lock the trash so Snoop doesn't get into it.  
She also questions my speed if it seems I'm driving too slow:)
Emily wants to be an astronaut and a paleantologist when she grows up.  Maybe she can fund your party-planning career.

"Snoop doesn't sin, but he's naughty."
Right you are.

Love, mom